The 3.6.5 planner was born at the beginning of the 1990s from an idea of Giuliano Mazzuoli and the hand of Massimo Morozzi, designer for Alessi, Edra, Marutomi Japan, and Nissan.

The 3.6.5 planner  with the “weekly turn-page” system is the only solution to get rid of those useless and cluttering notes from your desk. Two additional pages at the end of every seven days gather your notes and sketches for the whole week and make them easily accessible. With this system (the only one of its kind in the world of planner) the planner becomes not only a place to write your appointments, but also a “notebook.”

 It’s true that every appointment has a date and time, but it also has a dialogue. While appointments come and go, your notes stay behind. By using it, the planner becomes an indispensable log book for businessmen and women.

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