Ballpoint (Easy Flow)
Pencil (0.7 mm)
Ballpoint (in three colors)
Colored rubber ring kit
Pvp €133,00



The Cassia is a road that is like a work of art. It’s a road that has its origins in the distant 154 B.C., the year that the Via Cassia was built, and it celebrates and represents the Italian culture. It begins in Rome at the Milvian Bridge and it goes all the way to Florence finishing on Ponte Vecchio, crossing places like the Bolsena Lake, the Crete Senesi, the Val d’Orcia, and Chianti, which makes Italy well-known throughout the world. With the Cassia we wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful road where Giuliano Mazzuoli’s grandfather had his bicycle workshop in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa at km 264 (there are in fact 264 kilometers to Rome and 36 km to Florence). Cassia is an Italian pen with an unmistakable style that brings us back to the era of Italian Modernism. The primary material is always aluminum. The ergonomic grip, the elegant but rigorous styling with a decoration at the top make this pen a symbol of Italian style.

The Cassia pen is available in 3 colors. In addition to the pen with ballpoint “Easy Flow” refi ll, the packaging contains: 0.7 mm pencil, 3 colored ballpoint refi lls, a pencil eraser, and a kit of rubber rings in 6 different colors.