• Ballpoint Pvp €90,00
  • Fountain Pen Pvp €99,00



What do bicycles have to do with pens? Nothing. There is only a memory that makes me feel a particular bond with the Officina line (“officina” means mechanical workshop in Italian). The picture is from 1923 and the little girl in the picture is my mother. My grandfather Renato had a mechanical workshop with lathes and cutters with which he built handcrafted bicycles. At the beginning of the 1950s, with the advent of motorcycles in a hilly terrain like ours, the activity became obsolete and ended. A few years later, when I was about ten years old, I found and kept an old wooden box with metal objects that had a strange form. For some years afterwards it was a treasure that I tried keeping secret. In November 1999 I found myself in a modern mechanical workshop and while I was looking around I saw the same objects. Forty years later they still fascinated me with their beautiful shapes and I wanted to let others appreciate them not as mechanical tools and so “Officina, Writing Instruments” were born.
Giuliano Mazzuoli



Ballpoint (easy flow)
Ballpoint (in three colori)
Pencil 2mm
Colored Pencils (in four colors)
Pvp €166,00




We called this version of Offi cina with the name “Cassetta” because just like in a toolbox case where you fi nd various tools, countless accessories are found even in this package: “Easy Flow” ballpoint, colored ballpoint (three colors), 2 mm pencil that exalt the functions of the pen. In the packaging are also four 2 mm leads (red - green - yellow - blue), a pencil sharpener, a pencil eraser, and an elegant leather pen holder available in three different colors.



Colored roller (four colori)
Fountain pen
Graphite Pencil 5.5mm leads in four colors
(blue, red, yellow and green)
Pvp €195,00




The Quattro Tempi model is a product that can be easily convertible into different functions: ballpoint - roller - colored roller (four colors) - 5.5 mm graphite pencil - fountain pen. In the packaging are fi ve 5.5 mm pencil leads (graphite - blue - red - yellow - green), a fountain pen converter, a fountain pen ink cartridge, a pencil eraser, and a pencil sharpener. In the photograph below we show how this particular model is presented in the gift packaging and the pens that can be assembled from the parts found inside the packaging.